About Us

ClosetTrunk is a personalised, subscription based platform born with an idea to make styling easy and accessible to everyone. For that we have come up with the perfect combination of style scientists and algorithms.

We want to make fashion accessible to everyone. The risk-takers and the adventurous. Unlike others, we understand people are unique in every way, shape and form. Hence, we keep simplicity at the core of our business. We’ve come up with the best algorithms to dress everybody, just the way they’d like to dress. We assure that every “trunk” is personalized and describes our customers.

Closet Trunk is a personalized styling platform where technology and fashion go hand-in-hand. Every month we provide you with a perfect “trunk” of fashionable looks which are shipped directly to your doorstep for a small fee. We also provide a very tailored and bespoke style recommendation for you every month for free!

We believe that your individual taste and fashion sense are a very personal and unique thing – something that defines you and tells your story. With this in mind, we came up with the idea of Closet Trunk, a platform where technology and data helps us match you with your perfect outfit. Our systems and stylists can help us curate a perfect trunk for anyone.